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At Cantina Co.Lab, we take pride in offering seasonal menus that showcase the finest locally sourced ingredients. Our commitment to freshness and quality is at the heart of our culinary creations. The menus presented here are just a starting point for your culinary journey with us. We understand that every event is unique, and your preferences and needs may differ. That's why we offer the flexibility to craft a custom menu that perfectly suits your event.

Your event
in 3 steps

1 / Consultation

Contact us to schedule a consultation with our culinary team. We'll discuss your event, preferences, and any dietary requirements.

2 / Menu Design

Our chefs will create a personalized menu proposal tailored to your event, taking into account your tastes and the seasonality of ingredients.

3 / Event Day

On the day of your event, our culinary & mixology team will prepare and serve dishes that delight your guests and exceed your expectations.

*A tasting can be arranged for larger events of 25 guests or more.

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